Charming in Disguise

The Cinderella Society, Episode #3


Charming in Disguise by Kay Cassidy

Coming 2017

When everything you care about is on the line, would you be willing to risk it all for a fairy tale?

On the brink of disaster, Jess Parker doesn’t know which way to turn. The Cindys want her to help protect the Wickeds’ latest target, but only if she can do it while staying under the radar. Her boyfriend Ryan Steele is totally into her, but only if she plays by rules she doesn’t understand. And her ultimate life makeover? It’s about to go down in flames.

The Sisterhood needs Jess to stay the course, but Jess is finding it harder and harder to keep her balance in her custom-made pair of shiny glass slippers. Then her newest mission threatens to destroy all she ever thought she wanted, and Jess is forced to choose between living her fairy tale or honoring the Sisterhood… and herself. When the clock finally strikes midnight, will all her dreams turn to dust?