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Looking ahead to 2016

I hope everyone is gearing up for a wonderful Christmas holiday! Like many of you, I’m looking ahead to the new year and setting my sights on wrapping things up and embarking on new adventures! What lies ahead for 2016?

The conclusion to The Cinderella Society

The long-awaited 3rd and 4th episodes of the series will be released in 2016 and 2017!

Charming in Disguise

Charming in Disguise by Kay CassidyFor those of you who have been readers since the very beginning (waving back to 2010!), I hope you’ll be excited to discover that episode 3 takes the original story beyond anything you’ve read before! What is Lexy so determined to uncover beneath the school? Find out when she and Jess race to discover the answer! It’s more than either of them bargained for and unleashes a whole new level of the battle between the Cindys and the Wickeds.

Cindy on a Mission

Cindy on a Mission by Kay CassidyAnd in the episode 4 series finale, all bets are off as Jess dives deep into the Sisterhood to solve the mystery surrounding Lexy’s sudden disappearance. When a stranger comes to town–sent by the Deltas to help Jess defeat the Wickeds–Jess discovers Ryan has a secret life he’s been hiding from her all along. And the stranger? He might not be such a stranger after all. Sometimes looks can be deceiving.

And introducing… Elle McGraw, Teen Millionaire

I’m delighted to be bringing the Elle McGraw mini-series to shelves in 2016 as well! You’ll be hearing more about this new series for Christian readers as The Cinderella Society wraps, but I’m tickled that you’ll finally get a chance to meet self-made teen millionaire Elle, her trusty sidekicks Sherman & Glory, and her fabulous word power clothing line.

Get ready for a girl power 2016!

The Cinderella Society is BACK!

I am beyond excited to finally announce the official relaunch of the Cinderella Society series!

For those of you who are brand-new to the series… welcome! I hope you enjoy the adventures of Jess, Ryan, and the amazing Cindys. It’s a little bit glitz and glam, a little bit of grace, and a whole lot of girl power all rolled into one. Get ready to unleash your inner Cindy!

For those of you who have been with me since the original novel was published back in 2010… welcome back, my friends! (Can you believe it’s been five years?)

Where have I been?

As some of you may remember, the original Cinderella Society novel was supposed to have a sequel titled Cindy on a Mission. Unfortunately, the publisher at that time decided not to publish the sequel. These things sometimes happen as reading trends change, but it was still a bummer.

But then… I unexpectedly got the rights back to the original TCS novel. YAY! So I got straight to work with my fabulous agent to set a new course for the Cindys. There were always things I had wanted to include in the original novel that there simply wasn’t space for in a hardcover book. My publisher needed the book to be a certain length (give or take a little) because it was a physical book, so there were lots of things left on the cutting room floor.

When I got the rights back to the book, I had a decision to make. I knew I wanted to republish the book and continue the series, but I wanted to write the book the way I had always envisioned Jess’s story. So one night about a year ago, I sent my lovely agent an email with the subject line “Am I crazy?” (Which she probably could’ve answered YES to without even reading the email. We’ve been together for years, and she knows me way too well!) 😉

What I proposed was to divide the original Cinderella Society novel into three separate books so I would have plenty of room to add new scenes while still making each of the books a fun weekend-at-the-beach read for you. Happily, she thought that was a great idea and off I went to give the Cinderella Society a complete overhaul and a brand-new lease on life!

Meet the new Cinderella Society!

TCS sliderSo now, there are THREE episodes in the series before the long-awaited CINDY ON A MISSION episode arrives this September! Here are the first four episodes of the new Cinderella Society series in order:

Available now!

Available now!

Coming 2016

Coming 2017

I hope there will be even more Cinderella Society books to come!

What’s new in the TCS series?

First of all, there are about 100 pages of new scenes in just the first three episodes alone! Now there’s even more glitz, glam, grace, and girl power. 100 new pages is a LOT!

I made some small changes (like Gaby carrying a smartphone instead of a Blackberry – ha!) to freshen up the story. But I also made some larger changes like turning Nan’s store into a totally amazing custom-blend tea shop called Mosaic. You’ll understand more about why I made that change (and why I named it what I did) when you read the first book in the series, SECRETS OF THE SISTERHOOD. Mosaic is going to play a role in the series in ways I can’t wait for you to see! I also made some other changes that I can’t talk about yet because they’re in episode two and beyond. I don’t want to give away any spoilers! 🙂

But the biggest change of all is…

You can read episode one for FREE!

Secrets of the Sisterhood by Kay CassidyYou read that right! I always wanted to make the Cinderella Society available to as many girls as possible. Now that some of my very favorite people in the world have entered their own middle school and high school years, I’m seeing first-hand how many of them are struggling with bullies and with the ups and downs of figuring out where they fit in. (Not to mention figuring out the whole dating thing!)

The greatest blessing for me is that I am able to let anyone who wants to read the series read the first episode for FREE as part of the launch celebration. I hope it’s a blessing to you too!

Even if you read the original Cinderella Society novel, please do take advantage of the FREE book and meet the new world of the Cindys. It sets the stage for the whole series in a way you won’t want to miss. (Plus, the later books will make a whole lot more sense!)

Get your FREE copy today!

I can’t wait for you to read the new Cinderella Society! So go pick up your FREE copy of SECRETS OF THE SISTERHOOD and join me on a whole new Cindy adventure.

Oh! And be sure to sign up for my special reader newsletter to get all the news about upcoming Cinderella Society books plus exclusive excerpts of the top-secret Cinderella Makeover Manual! (I know! It’s finally here!!!) You can sign up for my reader-only newsletter in the black sign-up box at the top of the page. Easy peasy. 🙂

Welcome back and happy reading, Honorary Cindys!

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