Contact Kay

But first, two quick FAQs!

Q: Can I get a review copy of one of your books?

A: We might be able to send an e-copy your way! We have to be pretty selective due to the number of requests received, but here are some things that may boost your chances. Be sure to note the specific book you are requesting (you’d be surprised how often people forget!). 🙂

If you are a bookseller, librarian, teacher, pastor, or youth group leader:

  • Please tell me a little bit about yourself, your store/library/school/organization/church (whichever applies!), and why you’d like to review the book you’re requesting. If you’ve enjoyed and reviewed one of my books previously, please let me know! (Or if you’re a fan of positive girl power YA from Jenny B. Jones, Ally Carter, or Elizabeth Eulberg.) 🙂 Links to your reviews are always helpful! If you’re interested in reviewing it for a book club, please let me know that as well. (I LOVE teen book clubs!)

If you’re a blogger, please include:

  • Your blog stats (visitors, etc.) along with links to reviews you’ve done for my books or for YA books from other positive girl power authors like Jenny B. Jones, Ally Carter, or Elizabeth Eulberg. If you love upbeat girl power YA, we’ll see what we can do!

Q: Will you donate bookmarks or other swag for my birthday/blog contest/etc.?

A: I wish I could! Alas, I don’t normally have extra bookmarks or swag available for donation. Swag is pretty expensive for authors, and the swag I do order is usually set aside for specific promotions.

If you have another question or comment for me, please send it along! I’m hard at work on my next book, but I try to respond to as many emails as possible. 🙂